The most beautiful ceilings in Rome: the Church of St. Ignatius and the Church of Jesus

This tour covers the most awesome painted ceilings of Rome: the frescoed trompe l’oeil of the baroque churches of St. Ignatius and the Jesus’ vaults. They are the first seat of the Order of the Society of Jesus, the religious Order of Pope Francesco. Walking from the Collegio Romano, you come to these beautiful baroque churches, with their breathtaking frescoed ceilings, until entering in the private house where Saint Ignatius of Loyola – the founder of the Jesuits – lived and died.

At the end of the visit (only for tour in the afternoon), you will enjoy the suggestive show of the conversion machine of Andrea Pozzo. During daytime the statue of St. Ignatius is hidden behind a large painting, but every day loud religious music is played and the painting slides away in the floor, revealing the statue, with large spotlights switched on to show the piece. Don’t miss this quintessential Baroque spectacle, one that fell out of favor about a century ago.







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